Do you wish to invest in new, high-quality steel cladding, Poole clients? Have you been searching for a team that offers the best steel cladding on the market? If so, you have certainly come to the right place, as we at The Solutions Group offer bespoke steel cladding for every client. 

We are experts in industrial cladding and roofing, and we can offer a full design and installation service for industrial cladding in Poole. Whether you require steel roof cladding, steel wall cladding, or a complete solution, our team are on hand to assist. 

We work closely with every client to ensure their exact requirements are being met, and we always provide a first-class cladding solution. Our materials are of the highest quality, ensuring years of reliable and durable service. 

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Durable Industrial Cladding in Poole

Here at The Solutions Group, we offer our clients the most durable industrial cladding in Poole. But what is cladding, exactly, and why is it an important part of industrial properties? Well, steel cladding can be used on the interior and exterior of your industrial property.  

The aim of steel cladding is to provide structural protection for the building, and it can also improve the aesthetics of a building too. Steel is an incredibly strong and durable material, making it perfect for both roof and wall cladding. 

At The Solutions Group, we are experts when it comes to steel cladding in Poole. We provide first-class industrial cladding services, and we work closely with our clients to ensure bespoke results are achieved. Our team can offer a full design and installation service, getting to know your requirements to provide bespoke, high-quality, yet cost-effective steel cladding solutions. 

We always push the boundaries with our steel cladding services, so as to offer the most innovative and aesthetically pleasing cladding solutions. And, as the service is bespoke, the options for what we can achieve are almost limitless.  

We offer our steel industrial cladding as both roof and wall cladding. You can find out more about each type of steel cladding below. 

Steel Roof Cladding

Steel roof cladding is a specific type of cladding that is used on the roof of your industrial property. Roof cladding is used to cover your industrial roof in order to create a watertight protective layer. This layer keeps the elements out, protecting the interior of the property.  

Steel roof cladding is a bespoke product that is tailored to each individual property. As such, you can expect our team to work with you to design your steel roof cladding to your exact specifications. We offer a full design and installation service for steel roof cladding, with our team handling every stage of the project with skill and knowledge. 

Steel Roof Cladding​

Steel Wall Cladding

Another option we offer with our steel cladding services in Poole is steel wall cladding. Wall cladding is attached to the exterior of your industrial property, with the aim of forming a protective, weatherproof layer. We use steel wall cladding as steel is a highly durable and strong material, making it ideal for use in cladding. 

At The Solutions Group, we offer a bespoke service when it comes to steel wall cladding in Poole, working closely with you to ensure your needs are being met. We will design customised steel wall cladding for your property and our team will have it installed with precision and expertise.  

At The Solutions Group, we pride ourselves on being specialists when it comes to Industrial Cladding & Roofing. Contact our design team to discuss your project today on: 01202 982251

Our Services

Here at The Solutions Group, we are renowned for more than just our steel cladding services in Poole. In fact, clients come to us for a variety of individual services, all of which are carried out to the highest of standards. You can rely on our expert team for other services, including: 

We specialise in a range of aluminium and glass products, from doors and windows to shopfronts and curtain walls. Aluminium is used as it is a durable material offering increased thermal efficiency, and it is aesthetically pleasing, too, available in a variety of colours and styles.  

We also offer a complete design and installation service for both double and triple glazing. We work with both commercial and private clients alike, offering a free consultation, site visit, and estimate. With UPVC doors and windows, you can increase the thermal efficiency of your property, saving money on energy bills. Plus, UPVC is highly customisable, so you can choose products to match your tastes. 

Finally, we offer the complete solution when it comes to structural and architectural steel products. We have worked on many projects, from balconies and gates to mezzanine floors and railings. Our team works with commercial and private clients alike, offering bespoke service and the highest standard finishes.  

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Welcome to The Solutions Group, a company that specialises in steel cladding solutions. Based near Poole, Dorset, we offer first-class service for every client, working closely with them to ensure individual needs are being met. We believe in offering a bespoke service for every client, so you can trust that your every requirement will be met with our steel cladding in Poole. 

We provide a full design and installation service for steel cladding in Poole, manufacturing in-house to ensure our high standards are met. Our products are the best on the market, offering strength and durability as well as value for money. Not only will you receive the best steel cladding products, but we will also install your new cladding with precision and expertise.  

We ensure complete client satisfaction with every project we undertake. Our experts have everything covered from start to finish, and you can trust them to work to the highest of standards. 

Steel Cladding Poole

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If you require new steel cladding for your industrial property, you need look no further than The Solutions Group. We provide high-quality, bespoke steel roof and wall cladding for our clients, as well as a full design and installation service. Our team will work closely with you, ensuring your exact needs are met with our services for steel cladding, Poole clients.  

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