We offer the best prices in Steel Cladding. Please contact our friendly team for a no obligation quotation on: 01202 982251

Looking for Expert Steel Cladding Bournemouth?

Are you looking to purchase high-quality steel cladding? Bournemouth customers need to look no further than The Solutions Group as we supply and install the best quality cladding in the local area. We recognise that every customer has different requirements, which is why we offer a bespoke turn-key service, saving you time and money. 

We specialise in structural and architectural steel, aluminium and uPVC door and window installation, and industrial claddings and roof services. Regardless of your needs or budget, we’ll help ensure the best possible outcome. We believe in quality manufacturing, expert installation, and good old-fashioned customer service. 

Our aim is to always deliver the trifecta, ensuring that our customers receive exceptional value for money, durability, and products that are fully guaranteed. We do more than supply metal claddings. Our team will manage your entire project, ensuring its timely completion without exceeding your budget.  

The team strives for customer satisfaction, leaving you free to sit back and relax – you’re in safe and capable hands. If you’d like to learn more, pick up the phone and call The Solutions Group today on 01202 982251.

We offer the best prices in Steel Cladding. Please contact our friendly team for a no obligation quotation on: 01202 982251

All-Encompassing Cladding Solutions

At The Solutions Group, we’re proud to be your all-encompassing cladding solutions provider. If you’re searching for the strongest, most durable metal claddings around, you can’t go wrong with what we offer. Steels cladding forms an integral part of any industrial property, providing much-needed protection for the building while improving its overall aesthetics. 

Steels is commonly used as it’s strong and durable, able to comfortably withstand the rigours of time and the elements. With cladding fitted, the underlying components of the building are shielded, and so last longer. 

We excel when it comes to the manufacture, supply, and installation of industrial claddings. We offer a first-class service backed by our professional team members who work closely with our customers, ensuring they get what they paid for. The Solutions Group proudly offers a full design and installation service. 

This involves getting to know your requirements in more depth, so that we can provide the service you want. We’re continually pushing the envelope, leading through innovating, and developing new products tailored to complement a range of existing styles and building designs. 

So, you’re assured of cost-effective, top-quality steels cladding solutions when you enlist our services.

Industrial Cladding, Private Cladding, and More!

As stated above, metal cladding is added to buildings to provide protection while boosting the building’s aesthetics. At The Solutions Group, we offer both metal roof and wall cladding. Both options are constructed to the same standard, offering the same level of performance. Add both types to a build for the best results. 

Metal roofing cladding is a bespoke product that’s tailored to each customer’s specifications and the property on which it’s being fitted. We’ll work closely with you to customise your preferred metal cladding to your specifications. And we offer a full design service, ensuring that the cladding is fitted professionally to the roof. 

Wall cladding is intended to provide a protective, weatherproof layer for the walls of a building, helping to keep out the elements. Once again, steel is used for wall cladding as it’s highly durable and provides an excellent barrier. 

Expect an entirely bespoke service tailored to your requirements when you call. We will design the cladding as per your instructions and ensure that it’s fitted correctly. 

Your Go-To Team of Cladding Installers

We take great pride in being the go-to cladding installers in Bournemouth. When you call, we’ll discuss your request with you and provide you with a fully itemised quotation that lists all costs upfront. There’s no obligation to proceed, and we’ll never pressure you into a sale. 

If you choose to proceed, our expert team will manufacture the steel cladding to your specifications. Then, we’ll either deliver it to your site for you to install or we’ll carry out the installation ourselves. 

At The Solutions Group, we pride ourselves on being specialists when it comes to Industrial Cladding & Roofing. Contact our design team to discuss your project today on: 01202 982251

Why Choose Us?

If you’re in the market for high-quality steel cladding in Bournemouth, there’s one company you should choose above all else. Of course, you know who that company is by now, having read through the article above. The Solutions Group boasts a stellar reputation with many customers happily attesting to our capabilities. 

In fact, much of our business comes via recommendations, which makes us immensely proud and committed to going the extra distance. We’re driven by our core values – quality, value, efficiency, honesty, and excellence. 

As we strive for excellence, we adopt an honest approach each step of the way. We’ll always be upfront with you, telling you what you need to hear and making our position crystal clear. So, there will never be any misunderstanding that could sour our relationship. 

We operate with efficiency, ensuring that our customers’ projects are completed on time and within budget. We price our services affordably, ensuring our customers enjoy excellent value for money. And all our products are manufactured by our expert team in-house. None are delivered until they pass our strict quality inspection. 

Our core values are why we’ve become the go-to steel cladding suppliers in Bournemouth. But don’t take our word for it, though. View our previously completed projects to see what else we’ve achieved. Feel free to contact us whether it’s about exterior cladding, steel roofing, flat roof or anything else!

Our Other Services

Here at The Solutions Groups, we recognise that no two customers necessarily have the same requirements. To that end, we can manufacture, supply, and install a range of other products, too. These include: 

  • Aluminium and Glass  
  • UPVC  
  • Steel  
  • And More  

We’re the leading supplier of aluminium and glass products, including curtain walls, shopfronts, doors, and windows. Aluminium is a popular and widely used material as it’s strong, durable, and lightweight. Plus, it offers incredible thermal efficiency, and it looks great to boot. And glass is highly regarded for its modern, sleek, upscale appearance. 

Need uPVC? Not a problem as we provide a complete design and installation service that covers double and triple-glazing. Whether you’re a domestic or commercial client, come to us with your requirements and we’ll provide a free consultation, site visit, and estimate. uPVC doors and windows are great for boosting a property’s thermal efficiency. 

You’ll save money on your energy bills, and with an array of customisable options, the sky’s the limit when you call our team. 

It’s not just our cladding that we make from steels (and aluminium), we can also provide complete structural and architectural steels solutions to customers that need them. We’ve handled many requests over the years, from balconies and balustrades to railings and mezzanine floors. Call us to learn more.

Contact Us for Steel Cladding in Bournemouth

So, if you’re looking for the best steel cladding, Bournemouth customers need to look no further than The Solutions Group. Here at The Solutions Group, we supply and install the finest quality industrial cladding our customers have seen. The metal roofing and wall cladding we supply is top-quality, manufactured using premium-grade steel. 

We offer a top-tier service, ensuring that every detail is tailored to your requirements. And we can manage the entire project, ensuring that your job is complete on time and within budget. If you have questions, we encourage you to contact us. Our team members are always delighted to assist customers in any way they can.  

To learn more about our products and service, call The Solutions Group today on 01202 982251 to speak to a member of our team directly. You can also get in touch using a written method by filling out our online contact form or emailing info@thesolutionsgroup.uk.