The Solutions Group also offer a supply only service on glass.

If you have your own installers and are struggling to find high quality glass at sensible prices, then buying from us could save you considerably as we are able to access preferential prices from our suppliers.

We offer a large number of Double Glazed Units and Glass Balustrade Panels in a variety of sizes to suit your requirements. For further information or a quote please give our friendly team a call on 01202 982251 or provide your email below and we will be in contact to discuss your project.

Please note when calling us, so that we are able to offer you accurate pricing, you will need to know the correct dimensions of the glass you require.

*Please be aware that regulations state that ALL glass panels used in critical locations, as shown on the diagram to the right must be toughened. We will not supply annealed glass if the intended installation location is in a critical location, we will only supply toughened panels for safety reasons.

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Double Glazed Units Available


  • 4mm (Annealed or Toughened)
  • 6mm (Annealed or Toughened)
  • 8mm (Annealed or Toughened)
  • 6.8mm Laminated Clear


  • Low E Glass Planitherm Total + (Annealed or Toughened)
  • Low E Glass Planitherm One (Annealed or Toughened)
  • Solar Control SKN176 (Toughened)

If you require a product that is not listed above, we can most probably still source it for you. Please give our team a call on: 01202 982251

Balustrade Glass Panels Available

Thickness (Always Toughened)

  • 10mm (Toughened)
  • 15mm (Toughened)
  • 17mm (Toughened)
  • 19mm (Toughened)
  • 21.5mm (Toughened)